An Introvert Is Born

If you can’t guess, I’m a introvert. It doesn’t mean me hate people, it just mean i’m overwhelmed in a large party or a big conversation. I also just love to have alone time. I can’t really explain it so, don’t bother asking me.  Shy? If you first met me you would probably think I’m just shy and wanna be left alone but, that is far from the truth. I have friends that I love to goof off with and hang out all the time. To see my true colors, you just gotta slowly warm up to me.

When i’m dragged to big events, you will probably see me looking like this.Cornner I see people talking to strangers getting to know them and even exchanging phone numbers. That seems uncomfortable to me. What is comfortable to me you might ask? Well, that’s easy.Drawing ;3   Drawing. When I draw feel a warm comfy feeling wash over me like a sea of toasted bagels. I can draw anything I think of and then I can show it to people.cutie

Like what I’m doing right now. I’m showing you my art. that is amazing. I am amazed that people are even reading this. I guess I’m just trying to saytanks -MyAwkwardLife


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