What I Did To Cure Summer

When I was young I didn’t have a pool. (I still don’t :C) Because it was summer if I stood outside for too long I would turn into a puddle with a pair of glasses. Puddle So me and my sister came up with an idea.Light bulb.png in our backyard we had an old cooler that could hold water. (I think you know where I’m going with this) We cleaned it out with a hose and set it up to be filled. after it finished filling up we overlooked a problem.Size.png The size of me and the cooler was radically different. It was deeper then a kitty pool but, definitely not wider.

After I got in i felt like a mime without makeup trapped in a box.bluby.png Underwater.bluby It was great. At least it kept us cool. until a car drove by and saw two children sitting in a moist cooler which made us look less cool but whatever we still felt cool.

If today I had a big cooler I would do the same thing 100%.




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