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Happy Fathers Day

I really love my dad. So much in fact I made him a super hero.  dad.png His name is D/r. Find It. and he comes from planet Drywall. His super power is the ability to find anything thats lost. and he wears a leather jacket because other super hero costumes are lame.

His weapon is a double bladed chain saw that can cut anything.  Die.png Which he using sometimes to kill zombies.

His greatest weakness is back pain. Back pain is a big problem on planet Drywall and there trying to cure it.

D/r. Find It has an arch nemesis and her name is Gidget. Gasp Gidget is a dog that D/r. Find It owns but he hates her. She pees on his carpets, chews his chainsaw. And worst of all, try’s to lick his face.

I love this super hero so much I even made a comic. COmic.png But even tho he dislikes her. deep down he cares about her.

Happy Fathers day everyone.




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