Halloween Adventures

When I was young I loved Halloween so much I even still do today. I mean who would pass up dressing yourself as something you like and get free candy. candy As for costumes Im gonna tell you about the more interesting ones.Pumkin Pumpkin.

I don’t remember much when I wore this but, looking back i was pretty darn cute. Except the pumpkin face looks like a tortured soul. hopefully that got me more candy.

drug princess

Snow White.

All I remember from this one is Suffering. It did have a wig with it but, it was so annoying and ugly (To me) that I begged not to wear it. And as you can see i was proven successful. I don’t think I got a lot of candy that year.




I was growing old. Halloween was coming. I wanted to be something scary so, i guess a vampire with goo blood all over their mouth was scary enough for me. even tho I thought I was the scariest person trick or treating I still didn’t go knock on any doors that looked too scary. Which led to a severe lack of candy.

pink Pink Skeleton.

When I wore this costume I don’t remember trick or treating. I remember a church event. I had thought it would good idea to volunteer. Which meant I had to stand in a parking lot waving to people coming in for two hours. By the end of it I was exhausted.pink p2

I just wanted to go home. and as for candy, it probably just was all sweaty.



This is probably my favorite costume but, it didn’t start like that. I wanted to be a penguin so bad. I begged and begged my mom to get me one. after a lot of complaining she said we could look for one. This one was the only one in our price range. I was so upset because it had a bowtie. I wanted to be an “authentic” penguin and this wasn’t cutting it. I cried because my mom said its this or nothing. when it came I still put it on. and when I did you could call me a flip flopping pianist because I sure did change my tune. When Halloween came I got so much candy, and all at the cost of my mothers sanity.

So I think its pretty safe to say that halloween is my favorite holiday. i just cant wait for next year’s.



One Thing I Can’t Resist

Most people should have a favorite drink.

And if you ask them what it is they should give a simple answer.

But me, if you even mention what my is, you have unleashed the small volcano eruption in my gut.Milk ;3 Its strawberry milk. but, not just any strawberry milk its Nesquik strawberry milk. If I had the money I would spend it on a 5 gallon container of the stuff. It should probably last years.

If you even slightly whisper the words “Strawberry milk” I will be there in a like 0.32 seconds looking like thiscoming

Some people would call it an “Obsession” but, I call it a passion. even for my birthday my brother bought me a  whole container of the stuff.it las

it lasted one and a half months. I was so depressed when I ran out. Then I found out my siblings had some then I was filled with rage. (i forgave them)

So, if you talk to me you shouldn’t mention strawberry milk, its not a good idea…

(hopefully I won’t draw with a mouse next time)